DATE                    SPEAKER                                      MESSAGE

Oct 08                      Pastor Kirk Brantner            Losing Perspective

Oct 01                      Pastor Scott Phelps               The Divine Encounter

Sept 24                    Pastor Bryan Moak               Prayer

Sept 17                    Pastor Jim Shoberg               The New Has Come

Sept 10                    Pastor Kirk Brantner            What Was Our Early Church Like?

Sept 03                   Pastor Kirk Brantner             Pushups for Donuts

Aug 27                     Craig Rucin                             Be Strong and Courageous

Aug 13                     Pastor Kirk Brantner            What happens to Us after We Die?

July 30                    Pastor Kirk Brantner            Will St. Peter Let Me In?

July 23                    Pastor Kirk Brantner             Why do Good People Suffer?

July 16                    Pastor Kirk Brantner              How Can A Good God Allow Evil

July 09                    Pastor Kirk Brantner              Does God Matter?

July 02                    Pastor Ron Hartwig                Life’s Twists and Turns

June 25                   Pastor Kirk Brantner              Have We Been Thinking Wrong?

June 18                   Pastor Kirk Brantner              What Makes the Good News So Good is that the             Bad News is so Bad

June 11                   Pastor Kirk Brantner              Jesus, No Other Saviour Compares

June 04                  Pastor Kirk Brantner              The Right Approach

May 28                   Pastor Kirk Brantner              Hey Everyone!

May 21                   Pastor Kirk Brantner              He Ascended into Heaven

May 14                   Pastor Kirk Brantner              Final Instructions

May 07                   Pastor Kirk Brantner              Accept your Pardon

Apr 30                    Pastor Curt Hansen                Faith or Fear

Apr 23                    Pastor Kirk Brantner              Firm Doubts

Apr 16                    Pastor Kirk Brantner              Is Jesus Alive?

Apr 09                    Pastor Kirk Brantner             Honored King or Criminal?

Apr 02                   Pastor Kirk Brantner               Did Satan Beat Jesus?

Mar 26                  Pastor Kirk Brantner               Is Jesus the only way to God?

Mar 19                  Pastor Kirk Brantner               Who Killed Jesus?

Mar 12                  Pastor Kirk Brantner               Investing in the Kingdom

Mar 05                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                God’s Favorites

Feb 26                  Dr. Dick Loizeaux                      Rock Solid in a Shifting Society

Feb 19                   Dr. Dick Loizeaux                     Living with Integrity

Feb 12                   Pastor Kirk Brantner               What a difference Grace makes

Feb 05                  Pastor Kirk Brantner               Live by the Spirit, Walk by the Spirit

Jan 30                   Pastor Kirk Brantner               The Effects of Grace and Legalism on People

Jan 22                   Pastor Kirk Brantner                 The Law was only part of the Plan

Jan 15                   pastor Kirk Brantner                  3 Keys to Overcoming Legalism

Jan 03                  Pastor Kirk Brantner                  Living a Life of Grace


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