DATE                SPEAKER                                      MESSAGE

Feb 12                   Pastor Kirk Brantner               What a difference Grace makes

Feb 05                  Pastor Kirk Brantner               Live by the Spirit, Walk by the Spirit

Jan 30                   Pastor Kirk Brantner               The Effects of Grace and Legalism on People

Jan 22                   Pastor Kirk Brantner                 The Law was only part of the Plan

Jan 15                   pastor Kirk Brantner                  3 Keys to Overcoming Legalism

Jan 03                  Pastor Kirk Brantner                  Living a Life of Grace

Dec 25                   Pastor Kirk Brantner                 Christmas Devotional

Dec 11                   Pastor Kirk Brantner                  Christmas Traditions

Dec 04                  Pastor Kirk Brantner                  Boldly Demonstrate His Power and Love

Nov 27                  Pastor Scott Phelps                      The Day of Eternity

Nov 20                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Transformed Relationships

Nov 13                  Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Transformed Hearts

Nov 06                  Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Nothing Surprises God

Oct 30                  Pastor Scott Phelps                       The Civic Responsibility of the Church

Oct 23                   Pastor Scott Phelps                       Living in Freedom

Oct 16                   Pastor Craig Rucin                        This is Amazing Grace

Oct 09                  Pastor rod McKenzie                     Love You So Much

Oct 02                  Pastor Jim Shoberg                       How Deep the Fathers Love For Us

Sept 25                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Transforming Prayer

Sept 19                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Boldly Demonstrate His Power and Love

Sept 11                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                    God’s Direction

Sept 04                Pastor Kirk Brantner                    What Can One Person Do?

Aug 28                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                    A Right Relationship with Nature

Aug 22                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Covenant with Creation

Aug 14                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Stewards or Consumers

Aug 07                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                   In the Beginning

July 24                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Yielding Our Lives to Him

July 17                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Putting God First

July 10                 Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Intentionally Loving People

July 03                Dr. Bruce Fields                            Whose Church?  The Prince John Syndrome

June 20               Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Spending Time in the World

June 12               Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Graceful Enough to Forgive

June 06               Pastor Kirk Brantner                   Making Things Right

May 29               Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Taming The Tongue

May 22               Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Intentionally Living a Holy Life

May 15               Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Given to God, Giving to God

May 07               Pastor Kirk Brantner                    Hungering for God

May 01               Pastor Kirk Brantner                     Being Intentional about Taking a Day of Rest

April 24              Pastor Kirk Brantner                     The Tension in Being Intentional

April 17              Pastor Kirk Brantner                     Qualities God is Looking For

April 03             Pastor Kirk Brantner                      Judah’s Housing Crisis

Mar 27               Pastor Kirk Brantner                      Easter

Mar 20               Pastor Kirk Brantner                     Zechariah: Look Beyond this Moment

Mar 13               Pastor Kirk Brantner                      Becoming like the World or Worse

Mar 06              Pastor Ray Peters                           Habakkuk

Feb 28               Pastor Scott Phelps                          How Great is Our God

Feb 21                Pastor Scott Phelps                         Facing the Giants

Feb 14                Rev Kirk Brantner                          God is Good and Angry

Feb 07                Rev Kirk Brantner                          Passing Failsafe

Jan 31                 Rev Kirk Brantner                           God of Compassion

Jan 24                 Rev Kirk Brantner                          God will not let the Guilty go Unpunished

Jan 17                  Rev Kirk Brantner                          Amos Hearing What God Has to Say

Jan 10                 Rev Kirk Brantner                           The Day of the Lord

Jan 03                 Rev Kirk Brantner                           Faithful

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