Dec 27                 Rev Kirk Brantner                           Forgetting the Past and Pressing On

Dec 20                 Rev Kirk Brantner                            Wonderment of His Birth

Dec 13                  Rev Kirk Brantner                           Ceremony of Carols

Dec 06                  Rev Kirk Brantner                           Family Tree

Nov 29                  Rev Kirk Brantner                           Expectations

Nov 22                  Rev Kirk Brantner                           Psalms 23 – Part 2

Nov 15                  Rev Kirk Brantner                            Psalms 23 – Part 1

Nov 08                 Rev Kirk Brantner                            Identifying with Christ

Nov 01                  Rev Kirk Brantner                           Fear and Courage

Oct 25                  Rev Kirk Brantner                             Hope

Oct 18                   Rev Brian Olson                                Father Son and ?

Oct 11                   Rev Kirk Brantner                            Trust in the Lord with all Your Heart

Oct 04                  Rev Kirk Brantner                            Grace Greater Than Our Sin

Sept 27                 Rev Kirk Brantner                            Devoted to doing what is Good

Sept 20                Rev Kirk Brantner                             Healthy Teaching for Healthy Relationships

Sept 13                 Rev Kirk Brantner                             Healthy Churches need Good Leaders

Sept 06                 Rev Kirk Brantner                            Teaching Kids about Communion

Aug 28                  Rev Scott Phelps                                A Passion for the Gospel

Aug 23                   Rev. Kirk Brantner                            Enduring Persecution

Aug 16                   Rev. Jim Shoberg                               The View

Aug 09                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                             The Dangers of a Post-Christian Culture

Aug 02                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                             Thou Shalt Not Judge

July 26                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                             Whatsoever Good and True…

July 19                   Rev. Kirk Brantner                             Not-So-Good Expectations

July12                    Rev. Kirk Brantner                             Living in a Post Christian World

June 28                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                             Why We Need Storms

June 21                   Rev. Kirk Brantner                            Do not Fret Because of Evil Men

June 14                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                             Why would Anyone Head into the Storm?

June 07                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                             How Well do We Weather the Storms?

May 31                   Pastor Ron Hartwig                            Road Trip Tunes of Old Ps 121

May 24                   Pastor Gary Stott                               The Believers Role in Social Justice

May 17                    Rev. Kirk Brantner                            Is Suffering God’s Will?

May 10                    Rev. Kirk Brantner                            Why God?

May 03                    Rev. Kirk Brantner                            Gods Work is Wider Than We Know

April 26                    Rev. Kirk Brantner                           The Results of Not Trusting God to Work

April 19                    Rev. Kirk Brantner                           Just Because You Don’t See God Work…

April 12                     Rev. Kirk Brantner                           What Keeps God From Working in Your Life

April 05                    Rev. Kirk Brantner                           Until He Comes Again

March 29                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                           What Keeps God from working in Your Life

March 23                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                           God Still Works the same Today

March 15                   Rev. Kirk Brantner                           Three Important Questions

March 08                   Pastor John Palma                           Interview on Apologetics

March 01                   Rev. Kirk Brantner                          Faith in the midst of Tribulation

February 22              Rev. Kirk Brantner                          Faith to pick up the Mantle

February 15              Rev. Kirk Brantner                          Faith Misplaced

February 08              Rev. Kirk Brantner                          Faith for the Hard Hearted

February 01              Rev. Kirk Brantner                          The Cross, Gods Glorious Plan

January 25                Rev. Kirk Brantner                           The Highs and Lows of Faith

January 18                Rev.  Kirk Brantner                          Stepping Out in Faith

January 11                 Rev. Kirk Brantner                         The Lord Our Provide

January 4                  Rev. Kirk Brantner                          A New Thing

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